Top 15 Test Batsmen by ICC Rankings (1970-2020)

see who reigned Test Cricket for the past 50 years

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Player Rankings is a widely followed system of rankings for international cricketers based on their recent performances.

The player rankings are a weighted average of all a player’s performances, with recent matches weighted most heavily (so the overall effect of a good or bad performance decline over time). Each match performance is given a rating out of 1000, based on a set of pre-determined criteria, and these figures averaged. This means that the maximum possible overall rating is 1000, and a player gaining a rating of 900 is seen as an exceptional achievement.

For batting, the performance rating is based on a combination of runs scored, the rating of the opposition bowlers, match result and comparison to the overall scores in the match.

Watch Top 15 Test Batsmen of 1970 – 2020

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